Some Facts about Birds and Their Relationships.

American Goldfinch. Prefers weedy meadows and flood plains with thistle and asters.
American Robin. Eats berries in winter, such as those of the American Holly.
White-breasted Nuthatch.Creeps along tree trunks and branches, often upside-down, probing the bark for insects.
Red-bellied Woodpecker. Drums in tree bark for insects.
White-throated Sparrow. Eats caterpillars and forages for seeds
Red-winged Blackbird. Omnivorous.  Eats dragonflies, moths, worms, and sometimes snails.
Blue Jay. Holds seeds in its feet and pecks them open.  Likes acorns.
Eastern Towhee. Feeds on Panicum grass, ragweed and crickets.
Kingfisher.Eats a wide variety of prey, including fish. Nests in tunnels.
Baltimore Oriole.  Eats fruits and a variety of insects. Makes a hanging, sock-shaped nest.

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